All WSO2 products including API Manager uses log4j2 as the logging API. It has a set of Appenders which are responsible for writing the event data to various target destinations. Syslog Appender is one such appender which is out of the box available which is able to push log events…

You might already explored the use of Mediation Policies in WSO2 API Manager. …

When writing a large enterprise application, we will always have to deal with multiple layers such as persistence, business logic and REST APIs. Those will most probably engage with different type of data objects in each layer — DTOs or Data Transfer Objects. …

Jenkins is one of the famous platforms available currently for creating Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD) pipelines. It has been around for quite a long time and it is one of the oldest platforms available. …

Today APIs have taken a key role in generating revenue and getting more business into the enterprises. With this, the quality and reliability of the APIs have become very critical.

WSO2 API Manager provides the main access point from which to manage, supervise, and have secure access to the APIs.

Identity Server 4 (IS4) is a framework for OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for ASP.NET. It is commonly used by .NET based Software Development companies for managing their users and enable Access Controlling for their resources.

When they decide to use API Management on their platform, a common problem they would…

OpenClover is previously known as Atlassian Clover. Atlassian Clover was a commercialized tool before 2017, and after April 2017 it was made open source and renamed as OpenClover.

One of the main benefits of OpenClover compared to other well-known code coverage tool JaCoCo is it supports generating coverage reports per test basis. In other words, it keeps tracks on the lines executed in each test. As a result, given a line of code, we can identify which tests ran on it. When there is a large code base with lots of tests, this is very useful to identify which tests we need to run given the changes we did to the codebase.

OpenClover is capable of generating a static site which includes the full source code and the analysis.

By default, WSO2 API Manager CXF based REST APIs does not support CORS. But it is possible to support that by configuring the inbuilt CORS filter in CXF.

Steps to configure:

  1. Download the cxf-rt-rs-security-cors_3.1.7.jar and put it into /lib folder in the webapp (<AM-HOME>repository/deployment/server/webapps/api#am#store#v0.11/WEB-INF/lib)
  2. Open beans.xml (<AM-HOME>/repository/deployment/server/webapps/api#am#store#v0.11/WEB-INF/beans.xml) and add the…

1. Download WSO2 ESB from here. I have tested this for ESB 4.9.0 and 5.0.0 versions.

2. Download file connector v2 from ESB Connector Store. I have tested it for v2.0.0 and it can be downloaded from here.

3. Do following changes to repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml

  • Add the following message builder for…

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